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Unit 11 lớp 10 Language Focus – Ngữ pháp National Park

Bài học Language Focus Unit 11 tiếng Anh lớp 10 hướng dẫn các em ôn tập một số kiến thức cơ bản về câu điều kiện loại 3 trong tiếng Anh.

2. Grammar Language Focus Unit 11 Lớp 10

Conditional Sentences Type 3 (Câu điều kiện loại 3)

  • Công thức
If clause Main clause

Past perfect

(had + past participle)

Perfect conditional

(would/could/should + have + p.p)


  • Cách dùng

Câu điều kiện loại 3 diễn tả một việc không có thật trong quá khứ mà chỉ là ước muốn thuộc về quá khứ

  • Ví dụ

I didn’t go to the party last night. If I had attended the party, I would have met you.

  • Lưu ý
    • Có thể bỏ “if” đi nếu để trợ động từ lên trước chủ ngữ
      • If he had known = Had he known
      • If you had come = Had you come

3. Exercise Language Focus Unit 11 Lớp 10

3.1. Unit 11 Language Focus Exercise 1

Complete the following sentences, using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (Hoàn thành các câu sau, sử dụng dạng đúng của các động từ trong ngoặc.)

1. If I _____ (know) that you were ill last week, I would have gone to see you.

2. I would have bought a new bicycle if I (have) _______ enough money.

3. If I had had a motorbike, I ____ (go) home immediately.

4. If he had worked hard, he ____ (pass) his examination.

5. We _____ (enjoy) the party better if it had not been so long.

6. He wouldn’t have begun to learn Russian if he ______ (know) the difficulties.

7. If the rain ______ (stop), I would have gone for a walk.

8. If you _____ (call) him, he would have come.

Guide to answer

1. had known

2. had had

3. would have gone

4. would have passed

5. would have enjoyed

6. had known

7. had stopped

8. had called

3.2. Unit 11 Language Focus Exercise 2

Write a sentence with if for each situation. (Viết một câu với if cho mỗi tình huống.)

1. The accidents happened because the driver in front stopped so suddenly.

2. I didn’t know that Lam had to get up early, so I didn’t wake him.

3. I was able to buy the car only because Hoa sent me the money.

4. Mary was not injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt.

5. You did not have breakfast – that is why you are hungry now.

6. I did not get a taxi because I did not have any money on me.

Guide to answer

1. If the driver in front hadn’t stopped suddenly, the accident wouldn’t have happened.

2. If I had known that Lam had to get up early, I would have woken him up.

3. If Hoa hadn’t lent me the money, I wouldn’t have been able to buy the car.

4. If Mary hadn’t been wearing a seat belt, she would have been injured.

5. If you had had breakfast, you wouldn’t be hungry now.

6. If I had had some money on me, I would have got a taxi.

3.3. Unit 11 Language Focus Exercise 3

Use the given information to make conditional sentences with if. (Dùng thông tin đã cho để đặt câu điều kiện với if.)

1. I wasn’t working at the restaurant last night. I didn’t wait on your table.

2. They weren’t paying attention, so they didn’t see the sign marking their exit from the highway.

3. Carol didn’t answer the phone because she was studying.

4. The sun was shining, so we went to the beach yesterday.

5. The music was playing loudly at the restaurant, so I didn’t hear everything Mr.Lee said during the dinner.

Guide to answer

1. If I had been working at the restaurant last night, I would have waited on your table.

2. If they had been paying attention, they would have seen the sign marking their exit from the highway.

3. Carol would have answered the phone if she hadn’t been studying.

4. If the sun hadn’t been shining, we wouldn’t have gone to the beach yesterday.

5. If the music hadn’t been playing loudly at the restaurant, I would have heard everything Mr. Lee said during dinner.

Put the statements in past unreal conditions

1/ Oanh didn’t know how to solve the maths problem so she got low marks.

→ If Oanh __________________________________________________.

2/ You didn’t say sorry so she got angry.

→ If you ___________________________________________________.

3/ They didn’t pass the exam and their family were very sad.

→ If they ___________________________________________________.

4/ It rained a lot yesterday evening so we didn’t go swimming.

→ If it _____________________________________________________.

5/ The weather was not fine enough so I didn’t go camping.

→ If the weather _____________________________________________.

6/ The computer broke down and she had to stop her work.

→ If the computer ____________________________________________.

7/ Thanh was angry so we didn’t say anything to her.

→ If Thanh _________________________________________________.

8/ Our teacher didn’t come so we canceled the party.

→ If our teacher _____________________________________________.

9/ Quang was interested in the film so he didn’t study his lesson.

→ If Quang _________________________________________________.

10/ I had a bad headache yesterday so I didn’t go to school.

→ If I _____________________________________________________.


1/ If Oanh had known how to solve the maths problem, she would have got high marks.

2/ If you had said sorry, she wouldn’t have got angry.

3/ If they had passed the exam, their family would have been happy.

4/ If it hadn’t rained a lot yesterday, we would have gone swimming.

5/ If the weather had been fine, I would have gone camping.

6/ If the computer hadn’t broken down, she wouldn’t have stopped her work.

7/ If Thanh hadn’t been angry, we would have said something to her.

8/ If our teacher had come, we wouldn’t have canceled the party.

9/ If Quang hadn’t been interested in the film, he would have studied his lesson.

10/ If I hadn’t had a bad headache yesterday, I would have gone to school.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Language Focus Unit 11 Lớp 10

Như vậy các em vừa xem qua nội dung bài học Language Focus Unit 11 Tiếng Anh lớp 10, để củng cố nội dung bài học ngữ pháp mời các em tham gia thực hành Trắc nghiệm Unit 11 lớp 10 Language Focus

  • Câu 1:

    Choose the word or phrase – a, b, c, or d – that best completes the sentence. 

    If the world’s tropical forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many animal species ………… extinct.

    • A.
    • B.
      would have become
    • C.
      will become
    • D.
      would become
  • Câu 2:

    _______ resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.

    • A.
      Had he not
    • B.
      Hadn’t he
    • C.
      He had not
    • D.
      He not had

Câu 3-5: Mời các em đăng nhập xem tiếp nội dung và thi thử Online để củng cố kiến thức về bài học này nhé!

Hỏi đáp Language Focus Unit 11 Lớp 10

Trong quá trình học tập nếu có thắc mắc hay cần trợ giúp gì thì các em hãy comment ở mục Hỏi đáp, Cộng đồng Tiếng Anh THPT Long Xuyên sẽ hỗ trợ cho các em một cách nhanh chóng!

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