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CÂU HỎI CHO TOPIC khối 10, 11
LỚP 10
Topic 1. family life and household chores
1, Should the husband share housework ? Why or why not?
2, Should all members in your family share household chores equally ? why or why not ?
3.How do you feel when you live with your family (your parents)?
4. Do you think that women have to do all the housework? Why/ why not?
5. Should women go out to work? Why/why not?
Topic 2. hobbies

1, Does your hobby make you change your life? Give example
2, Is hobby a way to improve your characteristics? what characteristics can you have from your hobby?
3.what benefits do you get from your hobby ?
4. Does every member in your family have the same hobby?
5. What’s your mother’s hobby? What do you think of your mother‘s hobby?

Topic 3. shopping online

1. Do you like shopping online ? Why or why not ?
2.Do you like buying second hand clothes on the Internet ? why or why not ?
3. Is online shopping the best choice nowadays ?
4. What kind of goods are popular with online shopping?
5. What do you think of online shopping in the age of 4.0 (information explosion)?

Topic 4. international organization

1.what do you do to support your community
2.which international organization do you like participating most ?why ?
3. Should we do charity ? Why or why not ?
4. What should you do to save endangered animals?
5. What should you do to develop charity in school?

Topic 5. roles of women in modern life

1.Name some women who are famous you know
2.As women ,what activities do you like doing most in your leisure time ?
3.Why do women go to work outside society nowadays ?
4.Did women have the right to vote and own property in the past ? How about their role nowadays ?
5 .Why are women paid the same salary as men ?

LỚP 11
Topic 1 ways to improve your health
1.What you do to help improve your health
2. What do you eat to stay healthy?
3. Is your favorite kind of food healthy for you? Why?
4. Why is getting enough sleep good for your health?
5. What kind of exercise do you do to stay fit?
Topic 2. What other generations show each other

1. What can you learn from your grandparents
2. As a girl , what skill is the most important in modern life.
3. What are some things older people in your family have learned from you?
4. What are some curfews in your family?
5. What do you think your parents should do to respect your privacy?

Topic 3. social issues that affect teenagers

1, Is balancing between learning and playing necessary? give reasons
2. list some social issues that affect teenagers
3,What are the effects of school violence on teenagers?
4. What are the effects of social media addiction on teenagers?
5. What should teenagers do when they are bullied / experience school violence?

Topic 4. causes, effects and solutions of global warming

1, List some activities that help the environment in your hometown/ school
2. What should the government do to reduce deforestation?
3. What should the government do to reduce CO2 emissions?
4. What are the advantages of renewable energy?
5. What are the disadvantages of renewable energy?

Topic 5. some preparations for studying abroad

1.Do you want to go to university in your country or abroad?
2. What skills do you need to have when you live far from your family?
3. What certificates do you need to prepare for studying abroad?
4. Do you need to learn about the culture of the country where you are going to study?
5. What languages are you going to improve when you study abroad?